Saturday, April 16, 2016

Baby Shower for Ashley

We had a shower today for Ashley and baby Max! The theme was space, old time robots and ray guns, and it was lots of fun.  It's nice to catch up with family, too!
Here are a few pictures that I took on my phone camera, so the quality is not that great.  Hopefully the better photographers in the room will share their pics with us all, too.
 A truly delicious red velvet cake!
 Kathy and Sarah
 Me with Mari
 Cousins!  Emily, Colleen and Sarah
Mom-to-be, opening gifts!
 Robot and Ray Gun cookies! Colleen has a great baker friend, because these were so stinkin' cute!
 Photo props! Here's little miss mustache!
 KT is armed with a ray gun!
 Max's baby bed - Ashley found the cutest blanket with all the planets on it, including Pluto, as you can see.  I love it!
 KT made Max a little dinosaur
 Max's closet is filling up!
 Sarah made this beautiful blanket. Just gorgeous!
One of our robot overlords!

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