Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring Garden Notes - March 8, 2016

Peak planting time this week and next, so I'm going to be spending lots of time out there.  Yesterday I put out all of the peppers (Jalapeno, Gypsy, Sweet Red and Sweet Golden.)  I have one Trinidad Scorpion pepper that's still pretty tiny that I grew in the greenhouse that will go out here when it's a bit bigger.

 Here's the one Gypsy pepper that I grew from seed - out of 6 little pots, this is the only one that survived.  Frustrating!
Today the okra went out.  I soaked the seeds overnight to give them a boost to germination.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how those Jing Orange are.  The packet only had about 15 seeds in it, so just one row of them, but I'll save seeds if they do well.  We never get enough okra each year, so hoping to get a big harvest this year.  I grew the Silver Queen last year, and it was my favorite ever - not as "spiney" or "itchy", a very smooth pale okra. Delish!!!

Tomorrow it's squash and a few herbs if it doesn't rain too much tonight!

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