Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Garden Notes - March 17, 2016

Making good progress in the garden - Beds #1 and #2 are complete now, and the automatic water system is all set up in them.

I didn't get pictures of the packets, but I put in these squash:

Squash - Alexandria, Johnny's Selected Seeds (a pale green squash)
Squash - Gentry, Johnny's Selected Seeds (a yellow squash)

Next up, a few rows of beans:

Rockport, Johnny's Selected Seeds
Carson, Territorial Seeds (a yellow wax bean)

And I finished off that row with some Huckleberry plants that I started in the greenhouse.  I planted 12 seeds, but only 6 made it.  They are looking very healthy, though, so hope to get some fruit on these!

Today I planted cucumbers:

Holland White - Seed Savers Exchange
Dragon's Egg - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Double Yield - Totally Tomatoes (a freebie that came with my tomato seed order)
Muncher -
And all the carrot mats that I created the past few weeks (6 square foot of each type):

Parisienne - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Snow White - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Chantenay Red Core - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
and 6 square foot of some carrot seeds that had fallen into the plastic bag I keep them in last year and I have no idea what kind they are, so it will be a surprise!

The past couple of days I spent some time on the container garden - I have an area in the peach orchard with pots in semi-shade part of the day.  Some of these are veggies, some herbs and a few flowers.  There's a huge pineapple plant I started years ago from grocery store pineapple -- that thing is giant now! And I have an aloe vera that has to be re-potted and has many, many babies I need to move out.
This pot has Magenta Magic Orach I'm trying out this year -- here it is after only two days.  Instant gratification, right!? Looking forward to trying this.
I've potted up several of these - the Tango Lettuce seed I got as a freebie also.  I've grown it before and we really like it.
The dwarf pak choy came up in only two days, too!
This pot of Hot Pink Swiss Chard was from last year - it survived all winter out in the open and is now starting to shoot up again!
Here's my comfrey plant - it's now three years old - wintered over in the greenhouse.

And finally, the purple bearded iris has started to bloom!! I look forward to seeing these every year, they bring with them many good memories of my parents.  These came from their house, and I've spread them around some on the property.  I'll have better pictures in a few days when they really burst open. Lovely!

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