Wednesday, March 30, 2016

JR and Ashley move to Alamo Heights...

We took a little trip to San Antonio yesterday to see JR and Ashley's new home in Alamo Heights.  It's very modern, with lots of light.  I think this one really fits them.  I took a few pics. They've just moved in, so there's lots of stuff still in boxes. There are three bedrooms (and the baby's room and the guest room each have their own bathroom), and office, and a small 1/2 bath in the living area.
 Ashley, Max and JR on their front porch
 The long front room, open to the kitchen.  They are looking for a new couch, etc. I think then this furniture 
will go back to the South Town house.
 View from front door to the kitchen
 John coming out of the pantry. Lots of room in there, with shelves built in.
Love this sink! 
 Max's room! He has a rug, and his crib mattress was delivered while we were there.
...and a mattress pad.  Ashley showed me a picture of the crib and dresser they bought for this room. 
They will be delivered soon.  She bought a quilt, too, but it won't be ready until late April (I think).
 ...and a few onesies!
The deck on the back, from the kitchen door 
Another pecan tree (there are several)