Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Well, Thanksgiving was a bit disjointed this year -- we had a quiet day here, just the two of us, on Thanksgiving Day.  We were supposed to join JR and Ashley at her Dad's house for lunch, but John's back had him totally off his feet that day (a bad combination of an already bad back, digging ditches (more on that in another post) and loading and unloading feed sacks.  He was really in a lot of pain, so it was just him, the electric hot pad in his chair, and me that day.
 On the weekend we did finally get to eat some turkey, though! Jeff & Colleen and the girls came out on Saturday and we had a nice lunch with all the trimmings. John was moving around a little better, but he wasn't picking up any grandchildren yet.

Ahhhh, finally got some cornbread favorite part of Thanksgiving.

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