Monday, September 21, 2015

We arrive!

We arrived about mid-day on Saturday, just in time for lunch.  It was SO GREAT seeing these two!

After lunch we took off to see some sites in the little town of Story.  The Fish Hatchery seems to be the main industry in Story, and it was very interesting. They spawn little fingerlings to ship all over the country -- lots of different types of trout -- beautiful golden, brown spotted, and rainbow trout.  We came when they were spawning so we were not able to feed the brood fish, but we did get to see a lot of the holding tanks and the different small fish (fry?)

 Can you see the little fish in these tanks?
 Some of the types of fish they raise here.
 You'd think was obvious.....

On the way home we stopped by to see Mari's Mom's house that they have spent the summer cleaning up and getting ready to sell.  It's listed now, so they can sit back and rest a bit, until they start on John's Dad's house. Whew....hard jobs....I have memories of doing the same for my parents. Not an easy task.

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