Sunday, September 20, 2015

On our way to Wyoming.....

Our last trip before fall and the holidays begin, we're off to see some old friends who have been spending half the year (spring and summer) at their home in Wyoming.

The first day was lots and lots of Texas (I always renew my appreciation for how big our state is when I travel.  It takes almost a whole day to get out of it!) which means cattle, cotton and wind farms.  We went through Amarillo this time, so we missed a lot of the desert.

Our first night stop was Raton, New Mexico.  What a nice little town.  New Mexico is just about my second favorite state, I love the mountains and the trees and the air.  So crisp and beautiful.

Next morning, up and on the road again through New Mexico, then Colorado and a stop in Denver for lunch with Katie! She suggested a really nice little place, Teller Tavern, which had a really different and unique menu.  But, of course, visiting with her was the highlight of our day!
I'm really bad at this selfie thing, but I think we captured the idea!

After lunch and catching up with her, we were on to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where we stopped again for the night.  I kind of like these shorter travel days, they give us a chance to stretch our legs and we stop before John's knee and hip start hurting.
But, just in case his knee and hip were hurting, we treated them with these:

The plains around Cheyenne had their own beauty -- just miles and miles of prairie as far as the eye could see.  Our country still has so much wide open spaces -- just beautiful.  I wish I could have caught a picture of all of the prong horn antelope -- they were everywhere.  I'm going to try to get a picture while we are in Wyoming, for sure.
Saturday morning we were up and on to Story!

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