Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

We had a rocky start to the Labor Day weekend around here.  Thursday evening around 10:30pm, our water stopped running -- we knew right away it was the well pump.  Double damn!!!

Friday, John and Jeff spent the whole day pulling the well, replacing the pump, and dropping it back into place.  And it was HOT!  Poor guys.  But we were rewarded with water at about 5:30pm on Friday! We thought we were home free.....but the well stopped again at about 8:30pm Friday night. Sigh.... Saturday they guys were back out there bright and early, pulling the well again.  Thankfully, they found the problem quickly - one of the joints had busted - and they had it back in working order by around noon.

And just in time!

We had a wonderful afternoon with my brother's family enjoying the pool, some great food, and lots of laughs.
 Visiting on the pavilion
 Aunt Eileen even came!

 There was lots of college football to watch....
 Sarah made the girls some special crocheted items -- Joss got a Gummy Bear hat!! Have you heard the techno gummy bear song?  I guess its all the rage with the younger set -- Joss just rocks out to that song!
 And KT got a super special shark "snuggy" - you put your feet in the bottom and pull the head up over your body.  KT could flap the fins with her feet.  So so so creative.  I'm amazed by Sarah's talent.
 KT loved loved loved it!
 These country girls -- they are the loves of my life!

Time to relax and chill out with a few cartoons after everyone left!


  1. Wish we could have been there. Looked like a lot of fun! -Molly

  2. Wish we could have been there. Looked like a lot of fun! -Molly