Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Nineteen - Canada Week

Today was the final day of Summer camp, and Mimi's kind of sad about that, so we made it an easy day and had some fun!  First, some Canadian artwork....
 ...then lunch in Boerne at the Dog and Pony Grill.  KT found some delicious mac'n cheese there, but I recommend their turkey burger.  Quite good.  Then we continued our field trip by going to see the Shaun the Sheep Movie!  It had NO dialogue -- none.  But was it ever cute.   KT kept up with the entire thing and we laughed out loud several times.  Very cute and we highly recommend it!
Of course, popcorn and a drink were definitely necessary.
Then to top that off, we stopped for a fudge sundae at the Dairy Queen.  Such a nice treat on a very hot day.
 Brain freeze!!!!
I can't resist using my new PencilSketch app - KT is the perfect subject.
 So now her travel case has a complete 10 country stamps on it.
 And we filled in the last page for this summer in her passport.
We talked about all of the countries we've "been to" during lunch today.  She remembered so much more from each country then I thought she would, and she still says that Australia was her favorite.  She's starting Kindergarten soon, and I predict that she will be the teacher's dream student -- such a smart little cookie.
Now I start planning summer camp for next year -- we'll have TWO kiddos then! Whew!

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