Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Eighteen - Canada Week

Our final week of summer camp took us to Canada!  KT painted the Maple Leaf flag first.
Next she and Grumpy went out to take a scavenger hunt challenge.

There are totem poles in British Columbia in Canada, erected by the First Nation people.  Many have animals that certain tribes considered their "totem" so we used all animals in our totem pole project. KT, Grumpy and I all had fun painting them!
 Next KT and Grumpy placed our animals on a pole.  KT picked the order they went in.  She wanted the Canadian goose at the top!

Next we made our Canadian fry bread...we made them into "Moose Ears" and "Moose Poop" shapes... any way you shape them they taste delicious!! They were just like our family favorite from camping, one we call "grease balls", but we just make ours with canned biscuits.  Of course, this yeast recipe is a little better.

 KT shaped a moose ear....
 Coated in sugar and cinnamon!
 KT got caught sneaking some fry bread! 

After lunch we played a game of matching animal tracks to the correct animal.  KT studied the right answers earlier in the day, so this was a test of how much she remembered.  She did really well, and started with the easy ones -- duck, turkey, deer.  We had a good talk about how cats don't keep their claws out when they are walking, so a cat track would not have a noticeable claw mark.  She stores all this information -- I'll bet she'll remember that.  
Then we got interested in the otter and the fact that there are several different kinds of otters - the river otter, the sea otter, and something called a giant otter.  We looked them all up on the internet.
 Then after a little break, we strung some leaves like the kind found in Canadian forests.  I'm going to put these on the fireplace mantle in September, for sure.
 We put them up for a bit just to see how they looked.  Since it was 100 degrees outside today, this touch of fall looked so good!
We had a wonderful swim, and then back home!  One more day of summer camp on Thursday.  Sigh....

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