Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Garden Notes, July 27, 2015

I've been exploring what to do with these Luffa gourds.  I let a couple of them dry completely, and peeled one of them on Saturday.
 After reading up on them, it seems I should have actually peeled these when they were still yellowish green, I read that they peel much easier, then set them out to dry.  Too late!
 The seeds started to fall out right away.  I then used a pair of scissors and cut up through one of the chambers and started opening the sponge up. There are three distinct chambers.  As I cut through the seeds just fell right out.
 I'll have PLENTY of seeds saved for next year!
 These are two of the gourds all opened up and flattened.
This morning I soaked them both in a solution of water and bleach, on one side for one hour, then turned them over and soaked them for another hour. I had to put a full cup on top to weigh them down.
 Then I rinsed them off and they are drying.  They came out a very nice light color.   I'm planning to make a few scrubbers with them in a couple of days.  We'll see how that goes!
Here's one that I peeled much earlier, and I have to say it did peel much easier.  I have it sitting out to dry with a second one I did the same way.
 I read that the luffa is edible, but you have to use it when its very small, gherkin size.  I can't imagine eating one, though.
Today I finally finished with the cow peas.  The Blue Goose turned out to be the most prolific with 1#9.1 oz.  The Palapye came in second with 14.7 oz., Shanty at 9.4 oz, and Holstein was 9.2 oz.
Now we're down to tomatoes, okra and peppers, but they are all still chugging away!  I ordered garlic this week, and I'm going to plant leek seeds in flats on Wednesday for the fall garden. Moving on!

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