Thursday, June 4, 2015

The new addition!

John just has to stay busy -- if he doesn't have some project going on, he's not happy.  So last week he decided to add a changing room (we're gonna call it the "Cabana") out on the pavilion to make changing for the pool easy.
 Planning stage....
 Enclosing the corner of the pavilion
 Putting in the door
 Paneling the inside of the cabana
 I really like these boards....
The back corner
There are two corners like this -- he's going to put in shelves for me on both sides for pool towelsl, sun screen, etc.

Then there will be a seat at the back, and hooks on the back wall.  He's got LED lighting to put up next and a fan.  Next up, I get to do all the painting.... oh joy.

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