Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, June 9, 2015

So excited to find my first luffa gourd the other day -- and then I found a second one!

The Squash Haus is just about finished.  The yield was great, though, especially those Table Dainty squash -- over 21 pounds picked as summer squash, and another 16 pounds as winter squash.  I'll definitely be planting those again.  Meanwhile, I'm cleaning the entire thing off and starting again with another crop in a few days.
I've found 4 of these Butternut squash in Bed #4.  I had written off everything down at the end of this bed, nothing was doing much good (we need to work on the soil in this bed for next year) but I guess all the rain and now the sun has put new life in some of the plants.  
 All of the cowpeas as doing great -- healthy, big plants, and now some peas starting to show up!
 We found our first okra this week, too!  This is the Stewart's Zeebest.  I'm pretty sure we'll be bringing okra in from all three varieties in about a week.
 I had to take care of another big batch of tomatoes yesterday -- these became canned stewed tomatoes, 8 pints.
We finally got a few blackberries!  This is a big deal for us -- these plants have been babied for three years to get to this point.  I brought in 7 berries from the Chester Thornless berry plants, with a few more still ripening.
and this morning when we went to let the chickens and turkeys out, we found this pumpkin in the volunteers right outside of the chicken yard.  Yeah!!

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