Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day One -- Japan Week

We had such a blast today!  Today was the first day of summer camp with KT -- this year our theme is traveling to different countries.  This week we are visiting Japan!
Of course, every trip starts with a passport -- so KT got her own.  We'll be filling in information in her passport on every country we "visit" this summer.  She wrote her name in Japanese on the first page, and we'll be stamping her book at the end of each week.
 The first activity today was Oragami.  KT folded her own fox.
 She and I then played a couple games of pick-up-sticks using some pretty chopsticks.  She caught on real quick to this game and won!
 Before we left for the library, we made some fans featuring some Japanese ladies.  This was lots of fun -- KT will take every chance she can to paint.
 KT's learned so much this past year -- she did only one puzzle and spent the rest of the time reading books to herself.  She is an excellent reader.
 The library has a new stuffed zebra!
 KT was so sure I was going to make her eat something new for lunch, she was not going to have any of it.  I told her she was going to have a Bento box lunch, like children in Japan eat, so she was really surprised to find peanut and jelly sandwiches in her box.  The top sandwich was decorated as a funny face with blue candy hair! There was also cheese sticks, carrot sticks, and ham and cheese on a bunny stick, with Ranch dressing to dip her carrots in.  She at the entire thing, not a crumb left!
 Dessert was a Hello Kitty chocolate!
 After lunch we had another craft session - we made a Koi fish hanging from a pole!  Pretty colorful, right?!
Then it was time for swimming!  This girl is a fish in the water this year -- she's comfortable swimming and doesn't panic anymore at all.  I'm so glad the C & J made sure she had swim lessons the past few years - they've really paid off.

These Japanese animal crackers weren't a big hit -- KT was like, "uh...no." So we took them home to her family -- everyone had to try at least one.  Joss was fine with them!  They tasted like sweet rice, coconut crackers to me.  Not bad.

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