Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, June 2, 2015

Watching the different habits of each of my 9 different tomato plants is interesting.  The plant that puts out the most vines is Snow White.  Every other day or two I have to fish a runner out of the garden around this plant and tie it up.  It's also the tallest of my plants at this point, and is the most aggressive.  The large cherry tomatoes are a very pale ivory when they ripen, and are very good, not too sweet, more citrus in flavor.  The only thing I would do differently next time is to give this plant more room.
We had one of the Homestead tomatoes with lunch today -- this is a lovely big meaty tomato.
We're bringing in a bunch of jalapenos this week.  Some of these will be for tomatillo sauce and then I'll save the rest to use for canning salsa, hopefully at the end of the week.
I used the three poblano peppers, two of the jalapenos and two pounds of tomatillo to make roasted tomatillo sauce.

And another batch of tomato sauce, this time with dried onions from last years garden.
Peeling tomatoes
Today I found my first Tromboncino squash!  Totally love these -- I really think they are the best tasting of all the summer squash.
And we picked the last of the tomatillo.  The plants had suffered from the excessive rain lately, although they would have probably recovered. but we've just had ENOUGH tomatillo!! Whew!  We pulled all of the plants up to make room for the okra next to them.  The okra really needs more access to the sun.
Another gourd has shown up...not quite sure which this is, but its one of the small gourd mix seeds.
This was supposed to be the basket gourd, and it might just be, but it is shaped more like a bottle gourd right now.  We'll see how this develops.....
The mini banana trees are doing so well! They've both grown quite a bit -- hope this keeps up.  These are going out to the pool deck as soon as they are a bit bigger ... a little tropical flair.
The elderberry plants are covered in blossoms.  They are starting to shed their little flowers -- the ground under them looks like it has snowed!

Tiny elderberries!

The plums are ripening nicely!
The sage bushes are blooming again -- and the bees are covering them.  Such a pretty color.

And we've never seen the oleander so covered in blooms.  This spring has been amazing.

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