Sunday, May 17, 2015

Turkey Pen

Poor Layla has something wrong or she may be a runt.  I looked her symptoms up online and I think it may be a neurological problem caused by fungus (and all this rain we've been having is not helping) which is causing her to "gasp" (open and shut her mouth over and over again) after she eats.

It clears up after a little while, and then she can eat again just fine, but in our hope to clear it up, John raised the floor inside of the pen today so that they aren't on damp bedding and hay.  The rain sometimes washes right into part of their pen if its a particularly heavy rain, so now it will go right under them instead.

Its been so long since we've really had the kind of rain that we needed to worry about these kinds of problems.  When the chickens were in this old pen, they would just go up on the roosts and be nice and dry.  Turkeys not so much.

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