Friday, May 8, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, May 8, 2015

Well, I've failed at the green cabbage.  The cabbage worms have done me in, but I have learned so much this spring about raising these plants.  We sprayed and dusted to no avail.  In the fall, I'll protect these plants with row covers to keep those moths from laying their eggs on these plants, and sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the plants.  I'm sad, but determined to try again.
 A sad sight indeed....
The culprits!
Meanwhile, I'll be serving these up to the chickens as a treat until they are all gone.  Today I hung this one from the tree and they did a fairly good job of pecking it to death!
I put some Swiss Chard in their play ball yesterday.  They love chard and will have finished this off in no time.  This was the "Hot Pink" Swiss Chard.
This was today's harvest. Three Lebanese Marrow Squash (the pale green), two golden zucchini, and three Table Dainty squash.  There's some Red Romaine and Crisphead lettuce and a good handful of green beans.  There's so much produce piling up in the fridge I had to freeze some of it today.
 Beautiful Lebanese Marrow Squash....
 and a huge pot of gorgeous broccoli.
 I finally picked the Juane Flamee tomato -- it's small but so pretty, and nice and orange!
 Our tangerine crossvine is starting to bloom for the second time this spring!
This is one of the luffa gourd plants - interesting bloom on these things.
And this is a small luffa gourd starting to form.

We had a heavy mist all morning that finally cleared up in mid afternoon, but the wind has picked up and I'm thinking we will have more rain tonight.  We are so blessed by this fantastic spring.

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