Friday, May 8, 2015

May 7 - Blog Challenge - Your Pet Hates

Well, I'm a day late on this, but we had something much more interesting last evening than blogging -- got to keep Granddaughter #2 for a couple of hours all by herself while her big sister had a swim lesson to go to.  Little Joss is going to be quite the character, she's already got comedic timing down pat.  She's trying to talk like crazy now, too, which makes for its own super funny episodes.

Anyway, I found this particular subject line a bit confusing -- did they want me to talk about my own particular "hates" or do they want me to talk about things that my pet hates. Ha!  Trying to get into the head of our dog might be too weird, so I'm opting for option 1.
What do you hate, Sydney?

I don't hate much, but I did come up with the one thing that continues to disgust me and make me wonder how products are moved all the way from conception to design to marketing and into our homes without discovering the one thing that makes us regret our big $$$$ purchase.

I'm talking about my front load HE washer, of course.

Do you have one of these stinky machines?

We spent big money on this thing, and if someone had warned me about how bad the washer smells after a couple of washes, I would have never bought this thing.


I've tried the washer cleaners that they sell for these machines, and it doesn't help at all. I have to make sure to do the whites as the last load, so that I've used bleach in the machine last.  Then I have to leave the washer door hanging open for a full day after wash day so that the remaining water in the machine is able to evaporate.  Otherwise, when you open the door to use it again, you are hit in the face with an un-Godly smell.

Next time, I'm going to do more research.


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