Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, May 16, 2015

The Green Macereta Cauliflower has finally showed up!  There are two other cauliflower plants in the raised bed, but not sure if they are the same or the Early Snowball (I got a bit mixed up when planting out my little starts from the greenhouse -- neither of them have shown a head yet.
We picked a mess of jalapenos today -- I'll soon have enough for a few jars of pickled rings.....
I topped off the "Hot Pink" Swiss Chard today so that the new little leaves will have some room to grow.  We'll be having some chard this week!
The Sleeping Beauty tomatoes have riped -- ready for the next salad.....
and the spaghetti squash is as big as those in the grocery store, so now its just a matter of waiting until they turn yellow, I think.  There are about 4 of these size, and a few smaller ones on the Squash Haus.
Unfortunate side effect to all of the rain we've been getting -- some of the garden really doesn't like wet feet -- these tomatillos are experiencing too much water in their leaves for sure.  I know they will likely recover when it dries out, though.
The Golden Zucchini on the other hand, may not recover..... damn!
This week I made a batch of sprouts -- an easy addition to my salads.  I really only enjoy one or two types of sprouts - alfalfa mostly, maybe beans occasionally.  I can't eat those spicy sprouts like radish or broccoli.
Way too may green beans -- so I had to freeze some of them on Friday.  This batch made three bags for the freezer.

I can't get over the peaches on this Rio Grande peach tree this year -- its loaded down!  I looked it up on the blog to find out when they ripened last year and it was the last week of May, so hopefully we'll be eating peaches soon!

John took this picture this week of his Cabernet grapes. They are looking so great, don't they!?
Over by the field, the new Datura plants are starting to bloom!  I haven't been out early enough to catch them in full bloom yet, but one day I'll make it and take a picture.
And take a look at this passion flower on the plant I got for Mother's Day...full beautiful bloom. Wow!  As you can see, it's still in the pot -- I'm still trying to decide where to plant it.

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