Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for eXtra Dwarf Pak Choy

That's not cheating, right? There's definitely an "X" in there!
These little Extra Dwarf Pak Choy plants are the quickest and most tasty crop, I have already picked the first planting, a total of 1 lb. 6.3 ounces.  Planted seeds on March 17, picked on April 27, so only about 40 days.
 First wash with a sprayer to remove most dirt, etc.
 Second wash, then a soak in salt water to remove any bugs that may remain - then another quick spray off and on a towel to dry.
From what I've read, Pak Choy or Bak Choy doesn't freeze well, so I divided it into two bags to use fresh in the next week.  It's also good just chopped in a salad.
A delicious stir fry for dinner -- yummm.   I added more then the recipe called for, the more the merrier, since 1 cup of this delicious vegetable is only 9 calories!

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