Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, April 27, 2015

We had another nice rain last night, almost an inch of rain for the garden.  Things are continuing to grow -- I found my first little golden zucchini this week! This photo is from my phone camera, sorry for the fuzziness.  We're fighting off the squash bugs as we find them, mostly just stomping on them.
 I found the first jalapeno pepper on Sunday, and my granddaughter picked it for me!
 There are a couple of these (squash? pumpkin?) growing out by the chicken yard.  They are volunteers, something we probably threw out to the chickens and the seeds washed out of the yard.  Kind of looking forward to finding out what they are.
 The buckwheat in the field outside of the chicken yard is looking great.  John is growing it for the pollinators, and for the chickens.  I'm impressed with how fast this crop grows!
This is the first of the Lebanese White Marrow Squash.  Kind of excited about this one, too!
The first of the cherry tomatoes is starting to ripen, turning yellowish...
All of the blackberry plants have tiny blackberries on them...this is one of the Brazos plants.  I'm wondering if we should cover these in netting so the animals/birds don't get them before us?

This is the Chester blackberry plant.  There's not as many berries on it, but they are a bit larger.  This plant is thorneless, which is nice.
The first squash plant has reached the center of the Squash Haus and is continuing to grow!  Hopefully the whole thing will be covered in a few weeks.

We have an Afghan pine tree that we started from a small plant, probably about 1-1/2 foot tall.  We bought it at the local Christmas tree farm many years ago, and it's flourished!  It's about 20 foot tall now, and still growing.  This is the first year it's put on pine cones, and I'm so excited to see them.
I also planted some sweet potato slips yesterday in a lined wire cage (forgot to take pictures) and potted up the lemon balm, a bronze fennel and both of the little spinach plants (Good King Henry and Botany Bay).  I hope I can keep them alive!

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