Monday, February 2, 2015

Thinking of Granny today....

Granny would have been 89 years old today! Can't believe she's been gone almost three years.   I've been thinking of her some today, and missing her.

Some things I learned from her:

How to make homemade ravioli - my first attempt was tasty but terrible to look at.  The ravioli swelled up and were the size of a dinner plate. Still not sure what I did wrong.  After a couple more lessons from her, I finally got it right.  I still don't make my own sauce, though, like she did.  Really, people, jar sauce is just as good, and lots less trouble.

A love of decorating for all of the holidays - she was a master decorator for every holiday imaginable.  The grandchildren all loved it, too!  Her house was like a holiday playground.

Happy Birthday, Granny!

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