Thursday, February 5, 2015

Grey skies, dampness, depressing........

Geeeeeezzzz! I'm so ready for some sunshine.  This continual grey, damp, and depressing weather is starting to get to me.  Thank goodness for my little greenhouse -- I feel like just putting myself under those grow lights.  Argh....
I've got to get these cabbage plants in the soil now -- they are getting big.  The very next good dry day they are going out.  I've been reading up on these cole plants and read that they do real well with chicken manure dressing -- I think I can supply that!
I spent some time today re-potting the Green Husk Tomatillo. I did thin them to two per pot, but it hurt to pull out those healthy little plants.  These things are growing so fast, and they can't go out until frost days are over, so I'll just have to keep re-potting them.
All of the tomatoes continue to grow.  They are all looking great. I re-potted to bigger pots, but will have to keep them in till after the last frost date too.
I started some flower seeds this week -- a mixed colored packet of Datura that I'd like to put along the field fence you can see straight out of our front door, and some Mother of Pearl poppy seeds (those seeds are so tiny!)  I got both of these from Baker Seeds.
The chickens are enjoying their play yard -- I'll bet they're tired of the mud too, although nothing seems to bother them.  You will see the partially painted house in the background there -- I wish I could finish that project.  Sigh....
Walked past this tree in our yard the other day coming back to the house and thought I recognized those wrinkles....they look like mine! ha!
They are forecasting good weather for the weekend, and I'm praying that the weather man is right!

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