Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Movie Review -- The Seventh Son

I'm not sure what happened to this movie -- I've been hearing about it for a couple of years and it finally made its way to the theater.  I'm assuming they had some difficulty on the cutting room floor, since it's got a bunch of great actors.  Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian), Kit Harington (Jon Snow), and even Juliana Moore did a good job, although she's not my favorite since she trashed Sarah Palin so badly.

The whole problem was Jeff Bridges (aka "The Dude") and his terrible, horrible, no-good, bad voice affectation, with the bottom teeth protruding out and mumbling most of his lines.  Why?  WHY?!!! He looks the part, like a medieval knight, and he seems to be able to handle the physical parts fine, but that voice.... shoot!
What was the matter with the director of this movie to allow that to happen?  It truly ruined the whole movie for me, I was constantly distracted by it.  And the movie would have been a fairly good sci-fi, fantasy if not for this bad decision by someone.  The CGI and effects were perfect and it had some monsters that we've never seen anything like before.

All in all, wait, for the love of God, wait until it's on Pay per View, or better yet streaming on a service you already prescribe to.  It's definitely not worth the money to see in the theater.

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