Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

2015 is upon us....I can't believe how fast 2014 went by.  Today we just had a quiet day inside since it's hovered around 35 degrees all day, and tonight it's drizzling.  They are saying we may have ice tonight, so tomorrow may be about the same.  I'm enjoying it, though, spending some of my time planning the spring garden and reading.  Sigh....more days like this, please!

I made a black-eyed pea soup and cornbread today for our dinner -- thereby assuring good luck for us throughout the new year (or so we southerners have always been told.)  The recipe I loosely followed from Plain Chicken was pretty simple, although I used dried peas (Mississippi Silver Cowpeas) that we grew ourselves, and I used chicken broth and smoke deer sausage instead.  It was delicious!

We're staying warm in front of the fire tonight.  Hope you all have a very happy New Year!

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