Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2015

We had such a nice Christmas this year, but I failed as a photographer.  I just plain forgot to photograph a lot of it.
Christmas Eve started with mass 8pm, and the Koenig's met us there.  It was great to share this with KT and Joss, Jeff and Colleen.  KT has so many questions, especially about the Catholic statues!

Christmas morning we went to Colleen & Jeff's for a brunch -- egg casserole and monkey bread, fruit and coffee...yummm!!! We got a full reporting of what Santa brought KT and Joss, and how to use everything.

Joss was very busy trying to figure out how to use the big rubber leggo-like blocks she got -- the perfect toy for her.

Even KT was enjoying showing her little sis how to use them!

After brunch, we came home and began preparations for Christmas dinner.  JR and Ashley arrived soon after and then the Koenig's came and we opened family gifts.  We drew names this year, so each of us had something under the tree.  Of course, KT and Joss raked in quite a few new things.

KT got quite a lot of Frozen stuff this year -- she was in heaven!
Joss got a walker from the Florida Aunties!

The Hoyt's arrived soon after and we enjoyed some time with them and Katie, who had just arrived from Colorado Christmas afternoon.  She was decked out in her "ugly" Christmas sweater and some GORGEOUS Christmas ornament earrings.  Oooh la la!!  Since we had a geologist in the house, KT and the guys went out to the pavilion and did some dinosaur bone excavation! She did so well with this little kit.  Doesn't she look professional with the googles and all? 
We had a nice Christmas dinner and spent a great evening just talking and enjoying our company.  There was a bonfire, and some fireworks, too!  John caused quite a stir by throwing some trash in the bonfire that had a live firework in it that he didn't know about.  I heard everyone hit the deck when it went off.  Crazy.
KT by the big Afghan fir tree out in our yard.

I wish I had taken more photos -- I'm going to get back to that this year.  For some reason it's been off my radar lately, and I need to get back to it.  These two little girls are growing up so fast, and I need to document it more.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too!

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