Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 Photo and Journal Challenge

I enjoy a challenge, so I've decided to take one of the many monthly photo challenges you find here and there around the Internet, especially on Pinterest.  I found this one to be a bit different with some unusual topics for the 30 days of this month, so here we go!

Today's topic was A Book You Would Recommend. Gosh, that seems hard since I truly love to read - current best sellers, romance, thrillers, murder mysteries, young adult and dystopian novels, apocalyptic themes, and my recent favorite, zombies! Pretty much all over the map with my reading. But when I'm asked about books I'd recommend, I think it probably should be something that I've read that continue to come back to my mind.  Do you ever remember exactly where you were and what else was happening in your life when you think about a book you've read?  I do that.  Is that weird?

I remember reading this book while I was working at Alkek Elementary School, I'm thinking it was around 1995 (geez....almost 20 years ago.)  So many of the other teachers and staff were reading this book, an informal book club. I can highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a peek into a small town full of wonderful neighbors, and where everyone looks after each other.  Its the story of Pastor and the many people who he cares for in his profession and in his personal life, but it's not "preachy" if you know what I mean.  It's just sweet and makes you yearn for a community like that for yourself.  I don't think there are any like this anymore...we're all too secluded by our electronics.  Ha!

I believe there were about 3 or 4 novels in this series, but this was the first one.  Careful, you might get hooked!

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