Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Day Camp --- Day Eighteen

Thursday was a continuation of Beach Week, and we tried a new craft!  KT added some water to sand in a closed jar and then shook it (we sang the "Jump in the Line, Rock Your Body in Time..." song while we were shaking it!  Then we dumped the sand into a dish and KT pressed her hand in it.
 We filled the hand with white glue! KT thought it needed a little sand shaken on it, but you don't need to do that.  I like her creativity, though.
 Next, set it on a window sill to dry for many, many days!
 Next it was free time in the sand outside.  John had brought in a load of sand for a project he's working on now (a putting green....oy vey!) KT had a great time just making roads, molding things, burying her plastic animals, and on and on....and trying to keep Sydney off of her creations! ha!

 Next we went in for lunch -- KT is adding some purple Nerds to her Sprite thanks, KT, I don't want any.
 Swim time in the afternoon, as usual!
 A snack or two...
 ...and a drive around the place on her pink car, then time to go home!

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