Monday, August 25, 2014

Beach Trip, Surfside Beach, Texas August 8-10

We were invited to crash the Koenig Family's annual beach vacation this year, so Friday we drove over to Surfside Beach, Texas, near Galveston, for a long weekend!  John and I came over a day early, and we stayed at the Ocean Village Hotel and Resort right on the beach!  It was nice, not fancy but they had plenty of big porches and a bar, a restaurant, and a nice wide pretty beach.
 One of the three hotel buildings
 The view from our little porch on the back of the room
 Saturday morning we sat on the big beach-side porch and had breakfast and watched this rain cloud move toward didn't make it, but it was beautiful to watch.

 We took a long walk on the beach.  It was glorious, the sand was fine and clean, so pretty.
 Then we took a drive down the beach into Galveston, along the boardwalk.  It was BUSY!
 For lunch we stopped at the Red Snapper Inn -- good sea food!
 By the late afternoon, the Koenig's had arrived and we drove over to their rental house for a dinner and to just enjoy the sites from the cabana that the house had out by the canal.  The kids all got to see an oil tanker that was docked very close to the house!

 KT's got her fishing gear on and is ready to go out with her dad to see what they could catch!

 Jeff and KT
 This cabana and pool were right out near the edge of the property at the house that the Koenig's rented -- real nice!
A final view of the beach at our hotel just before we left on Sunday morning!

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