Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Day Camp -- Day Six

Today at summer camp we continued exploring the five senses -- starting with an exercise about using your hands/fingers to feel an item in a bag (without looking, KT!!!) and identify it.  She did pretty good, only missed one item.
 She got everything but the button -- she thought that was a piece of candy.
Then we did an exercise using ears to hear and identify sounds.  I found an app called "Sound Box" that does all kinds of funny sounds, thankfully some normal things like animal sounds.  She got all of them, including the train horn! I couldn't believe it.  Where has she been hearing train horns?
After a little break for cartoons, we did the daily photo walk - today's theme was finding colorful things outdoors.  Mostly we found lots of flowers - very colorful.  She took several photos, and Mimi did, too!

We went out to the local restaurant for lunch, La Cabana, and had some delicious enchiladas.  Did you know that KT can count to 20 in Spanish? I was floored.  Kudos to her school, they are doing an excellent job.
 KT helped me shell some more Peking Black cow peas - she counted how many peas were in each pod.  Then we did an exercise about the sense of taste.  KT, John and I all participated by tasting each of the items in the plate, deciding if it was sweet, sour, salty, or none of those.  She was a real trouper, I thought she'd refuse some of them (I know she doesn't like pickles, for instance) but when we all did it too, she followed along!
 Then she pasted a picture of each item on the graph where it belonged.  She was real happy when she found out there were more "sweet" items than any of the other.
That's enough work! Time for play -- pool time!
 The sun bather
 Where did Grumpy go?
Found him!

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