Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Day Camp --- Day Five

This week we're exploring our five senses -- hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste.  First task of the day, take a highly STINKY dog to the vets for grooming, which included a good bath and getting her nails clipped!
We went to the library after taking the dog.  KT and I read several books, including one that allowed her to use her sense of touch to feel several textures.
KT is much more interested in books this summer then she was last year.  She picks them up and even goes through them all by herself.
We did a few puzzles, too!
When we got home, it was time for us to go pick up a sweet smelling dog, then we made lunch.
After lunch KT painted her Five Senses booklet,
and then we went outside for a photo hunt!  We used a new app from PBS called Plumb Landing.
We picked the theme, Under a Rock.  All three of us went outside and turned over several rocks, just to see what was under them....and we found bugs, mostly rolly-pollys!  KT took several pictures.  We'll do a new theme every camp day, it was fun!
Time for some pool fun!

That's a cannonball, Grumpy!
We had a great day! 

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