Saturday, June 7, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 20

The tomatoes are coming -- it seems like I'm picking one kind or another every day when I walk down to the garden.  *Knock on wood* It appears that we're gonna have a good tomato year -- last year was terrible.  And not just for us.  Almost every gardener I've talked to had a bad tomato year last year.  

This is the first Better Boy that I've had -- we had it in sandwiches yesterday.  Imagine that, we raised a slicer tomato! Whooop!!!!  Mostly I do fine with cherries of all types, but the big slicers have eluded me, mostly.  This plant has many more tomatoes on it, so hopefully we'll get plenty.
 This is a pretty good example of the Black Cherry tomatoes I've been getting from the several volunteer plants that came up on their own.  Nice little tomatoes that ripen a brownish red with greenish red shoulders.  They are pretty tasty too!
 I'm so happy with my first ever Mortgage Lifter!  It is a gorgeous heritage tomato, with a pretty interesting history.  I tried to grow these last year and had a BIG beautiful plant with big pretty leaves and not one tomato.  Big disappointment.  This year my new plant is making up for it!
 And here's what I have on the BNH444 that I put up in the front flower bed.  This plant was a stick, frozen back to nothing after a freeze.  I cut it back to the main stalk and pushed it in the ground up front, just to see what would happen.  It seems real happy!
 Here's the first of the Zucchino Rampicante -- I'm picking these for summer squash.  You can let them keep growing and pick as fall squash, but we really love the taste of these for summer.  A bit different texture from regular zucchini, a really buttery taste, too.  Love these.
 The Datura plant has outdone itself! There are over 20 blooms on this thing about ready to pop.
 Here's a close up of our Vitex trees in the front yard.  They are giving the yard quite a pop of purple!  I love these trees -- vigerous growers.
 And finally, here's how the Bean Haus is doing!  A few of the plants have reached the middle top and are meeting up with the others from the opposite side!  Gorgeous and lush.  Not a bean in sight yet, but I'm checking every day.

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