Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 19

Imagine my surprise -- yesterday I decided to actually dig through and take a look at the beets.  I'm glad I did - there are many that are quite big! One day soon I'm going to go through and pick those that are this size and that will give some of the others a little room to grow.  Wow, these Chioggia beets look fantastic!  I'll be pickling them - that's the way we like them best.
The peaches ripened over night! I couldn't believe how fast they went from firm and green to soft and ready to pick.  I've cut them all up and frozen them in individual packs so they will be easy to eat -- a total of 4.2 pounds of peaches this year, a total of 8 peaches.  

 The Peking Black cowpeas have started to put on pea pods - these plants are lush and green.  Looking forward to how all four of the types we put in do, but these seem to be the largest plants and the earliest to put on peas.

 Our plum tree is full of these small plums.  Tonight John pulled one that seemed soft and we tried it -- sweeeeeet!!!! They're ripening fast.  This is the Methany Plum that we put in last year.  They are small but delicious.  We went ahead and brought in about 8 of them that were slightly soft.
 And our castor bean trees are blooming!  Well, specifically the red ones.  Very interesting plants.

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