Friday, May 9, 2014

Chicks are growing....and other interesting developments....

The chicks are at that very awkward ugly stage when they are about 1/2 real feathers grown in and a bit of their old baby fluff sticking out in weird places....not the most attractive. Ha! But we are beginning to see what types of chickens we have, their markings are starting to be evident.  I'm wondering what the white ones are....they have black legs, feet and black skin under their feathers.
In other of our elderberry plants has finally bloomed!  We have two York and two Adams varieties, this one is a York.  Waiting to see if more show up.  The plants all look very healthy.
 Do you have agarita plants on your place?  I have NEVER seen them so full!  Is this a sign of hard times to come?  Ours are just loaded with these beautiful orange berries.  I should be doing something with them, but I'll probably just leave them for the birds and other wildlife.

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