Saturday, May 10, 2014

Andi's Wedding Shower

Kathy, Sarah and Emily gave a very nice wedding shower for Andi. The cake was sooooooo cute, cupcakes in the shape of a wedding dress, and Kathy got darling cookies shaped like a wedding dress to match.  Delicious food and a fun game (wedding picture charades??) Andi got several nice $$$ to help with the honeymoon.  Hope you and Jeff have a great time, Andi! Best of everything from all of us.
 The cousins and kids...
 Andi looking bridal! She's wearing Papa's bolo tie around her neck with some added feathers.  Loved it!
 Joss just thought Aunt Mary was so funny! She grinned and grinned at her.
 Mother-of-the-bride and the bride-to-be!
 Can you guess the wedding saying?
 What a cute cake!! 
And the beautiful wedding dress cookies!

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