Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 10

 John helped me get the Bean Haus going last week -- we planted just four types of pole beans (Kentucky Wonder, Blue Lake, Turkey Craw and King of the Garden Limas.)  There also a few Jack-Be-Little pumpkins in there.
Today you can see the beans have all started germinating and popping up!
Here are the Atomic Red carrots - they will need to be thinned out soon.  The chickens like it when I thin out the beds!

 The peas are about 2 foot tall now, they've grabbed the fencing now.  They usually get about 6 foot tall, so if we could just get some rain and lightning -- that would help.
 The walking onions are bulbing out at the top --- they will start walking pretty soon!
 Just starting to see the zucchini!
 All of the tomatoes have about tripled in size - I've had to prune them recently.
All of our rose bushes are starting to bloom - The top left picture and the middle picture are the Blaze climbing roses that I put in last year.  Pretty bright red fully open old fashioned roses.  The bottom left is the Lemoncella, and the right is the butterfly rose.  It's my favorite - one bush has at least four different colors of roses on it.

Tomorrow or Tuesday our baby chicks arrive!  Looking forward to seeing our new babies -- I'll post a picture as soon as they get here.

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