Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Saturday Evening - Winery and Dinner - Abilene, Texas

Back in Abilene, we decided to stop by the local winery - the address was actually their sales office.  It took a bit to find it, it's tucked back behind a church on the Willow Creek, appropriately named The Winery at Willow Creek!

They make a lot of fruity wines along with the oldies and goodies, such as Cabernet's and Zins.  We each did a 5 wine tasting, me with the sweet wines, and John with his drys.  We then each got a glass of wine and a small cheese, sausage and cracker platter and sat out on the banks of the Willow Creek.  Of course, the fact that there was a golf course right across the river helped keep John amused!
Of course we bought a few wines to bring home!

Then it was off to dinner at the Beehive Restaurant.  If you google places to eat in Abilene this one comes up as one of the best.  It was very good, and I can recommend it highly.  Just don't be in a hurry, because it was very crowded, especially with college students.

I have yet to have a martini that I could stomach, so I wouldn't even try those.

Abilene has several colleges (ACU, Harden-Simmons, McMurray, Cisco, Texas State Tech, and others.)  We sat in the bar for a while to wait for our table and I had a VERY good Long Island Iced Tea, it was the biggest drink I've ever had, I couldn't even finish it!

Okay, that's a full day!  Back to the hotel, and back home tomorrow! We had a great time!