Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 7 -- End of March

We've had some colder weather (again, sigh....) so the garden is mostly in a holding pattern right now. I did make a start to the herb garden this year, I'm putting the old pallets back to use for this purpose, holding all my potted herbs.  These blue pallets used to be the sides of the compost pile, but since I got my nifty barrel composter, they've just been sitting idle.  I'm standing them up and using them again. This photo is just the beginning -- I have three pallets now and have almost filled them up with potted herbs.  The area that I'm putting them gets an abundance of shade during the day, really just early morning sunlight, so I'm trying to use shade friendly herbs there.  More photos to come when I'm all done.
 The cat seems to like it!
The next picture is the Southern Highbush Blueberry plant that we put in last year.  Only one of them made it, but it looks pretty healthy.  There are some blooms there so we may see a berry or two this year.
We got the new bean haus started last weekend - John is securing it to the ground here.  Back to using the hog panels, they worked so well, I'm not messing around with this formula any more.

 Now we need warm weather so I can plant!
Inside the little green house the sunflowers are up and growing.  These are going to go out behind the bean haus in the field.  I just love sunflowers.
The castor bean trees are really growing, too.  I need to decide where I'm going to put these...no idea right now.
This is a volunteer black cherry tomato that came up this winter in the green house.  I actually have about six more of these that I dug out of here...I'll probably put them in pots around the garden because I can't stand to just let them go...they've tried so hard to live!
 The sugar snap peas are all reaching for the fencing now....they do love this cooler weather.
This is the Methley Plum tree that we put in last year.  Can you see all of those little plums on it?  I can't wait to see if they make it this year!
 The Rio Grande peach tree has several little peaches on it, too!  John says we'll probably have to fight off the squirrels once these start to ripen.
And off topic just a bit, look what the one surviving little hen gave us this week!!! Poor thing was so traumatized by the hawk attack that wiped out our flock that she hasn't layed eggs all winter.  I guess she's finally feeling safe again.

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