Tuesday, March 25, 2014

KT and Joss....

Keeping up with the grandkids!  I got to visit with KT recently --- we had some fun making mazes on her quick erase board, and she's got this skill down!  It's getting harder to challenge her with new skills, I'm going to have to start doing some research for "older" kid skills before Mimi's Summer Day Camp starts, that's for sure.
 This one was KT trying to find baby Joss!
 and this one was a mouse looking for cheese!
How do you like my weird mouse?! ha! I'm not an artist, that's for sure!

Joss is doing her thing by growing and growing.  She's totally outgrowing her "New Born" clothing -- it's hard to get those on her now.  She's spending more and more time awake and looking out at her surroundings, just soaking it all in.  She's been such an easy baby -- we're so blessed. Note the eyes...they're definitely going to be blue.

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