Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My first tomato post.....

All six of the big tomato planters are in.  I'm using the same method that I've used the last two years that has worked pretty well for us. This year instead of the pipe for water, John wanted to try putting a jug with a very small pinhole in the bottom for a slow drip to keep the plants watered during the long hot summer.
Here's what I have in so far:

  1. Better Boy 
  2. Red Pear 
  3. Large Red Cherry 
  4. Jaune Flammee (Orange) 
  5. Tami G Grape 
  6. Mortgage Lifter (Heirloom) 

    (All tomato photos swiped from the internet!)

I know I wasn't planning on any heirloom tomatoes since last year they just didn't perform well at all,  but I went ahead and got the Mortgage Lifter.  I'm just taken with the story behind it, and last year I tried to start some by seed (that didn't go well, but I'm determined to learn how to start tomatoes from seed.)

I'm going to add a couple more tomato planters this year.  I'll post about those when they are in! Now, let's all pray for no more frosts!!!

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