Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anna braids....

KT loves the movie Frozen so much, and last night she asked me to make her some Anna braids.  I'm not the best at these, but it was fun to play with her!
Speaking of beauty -- this little girl is so beautiful! I'm not biased at all, no, really, I'm not!


  1. You are not biased. She is beautiful. Making memories together is wonderful and so are the braids.

    I love braids. I never seem to find time to get a haircut so I may have braids again soon.

    I notice in your sidebar you watch some of the same shows I do: Castle, Criminal Minds, CSI, and the Big Band Theory. I also love NCIS, The Mentalist, and Believe.

    Thanks for stopping by At The Farm to visit.

  2. I imagine I will stick around. I'm not much of winter person.

    Carol, hopefully, will heal quickly and the whole Rick tribe will save them all, of course, with the help of Daryl!

    Have a fantastic day!