Thursday, November 21, 2013

The New Puppy!

So, I know I told all of you I didn't really want to get a puppy, we would be looking for a young dog about a year old, but.....
This really great deal just came along thanks to Colleen's inter-office email, and it was exactly the kind of dog we were looking for.  She will be mid sized, not too big, not too small when she's grown, and a dog we can have in the house with us and be a companion, not just a watch dog. Anyway, Colleen sent us a message about these pups, and we decided right away that we wanted one of them, so she made all the arrangements because they needed to find homes quickly (I think the owners were moving and couldn't manage the whole lot of them in their new digs.)

Meet Sydney, a mostly-red heeler with a smidge of border collie (I really can't see any iota of border collie in this pup, but that's what the owner said.) She's 9 weeks old.

She's a lovie! Was a bit shy the first few hours when Jeff brought him home (have I mentioned what a great son-in-law I have?) I mean really, how lucky are we that Jeff is willing to go pick this baby up for us and shop for puppy stuff and then drive all the way out here to bring her home to us? Yes, VERY lucky.
She quickly warmed up to us and especially to John. She's been at his side since she came home. She has slept through the night for the past two nights -- which I was not prepared for.  I was sure we'd have to get up and take her out a few times in the night -- so imagine my surprise!
She's met all the cats (they're withholding their approval until they see how she comes along), the chickens (they were sure she was a fox!), and the guineas (Sydney's more afraid of them then they are of her.)
Come meet her next time you're out this way!
 Keeping John's feet warm....
 Playing in the leaves with KT....

One tired pup!

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