Thursday, November 21, 2013

Around the yard....

I picked a couple of the Meyer Lemons the other day -- they are so large and beautiful! I've used one of them on a couple of drinks and they are perfect.  I'm still amazed that we really grew these things.  There's probably about 6 more out on the tree, too.
 A full bed of garlic went in this week - Silverneck and Transylvania varieties.  I'm going to cover them with a layer or two of those beautiful burr oak leaves in our yard for the winter.
 This is the burr oak -- the colors are just gorgeous, but the leaves are all falling so fast, I think the tree will be bare before Christmas.
 Our peach tree is turning a gorgeous color of orange! I just love trees that show off their fall colors.
 A close up of my peach leaves!
One of my goals this year is to add a few trees that have a variety of colors in our yard. After exhaustive research (about 15 minutes on Google) I found that these type do the best in our area of Texas: Smoke Tree, Japanese Maple, Poplar, Chinese Pistache, Rusty Blackhawks Viburnum, Ginkgo or Maidenhair Tree, and Fringe Tree.  I'll be looking thru the nurseries for some of these in the spring.

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