Sunday, September 8, 2013

Supper Club, September 2013

We had a great time last evening having Thanksgiving in September!  The Hoyt's made a delicious turkey and we all brought the sides.  Some really delicious food, wine and some great conversation. We talked so much it was almost 11pm before we left...which is late for us!
 Mari is so creative! She took some turkey photos at their home in Wyoming recently, had them printed up and laminated for our placemats! So creative (not to mention some great photos!)

 Yeah, we killed all of these bottles....that sweet red from Llano was very good!
 Kathy and John L
 John and Mari H, our hosts
 John and I...sadly we were matchy matchy in our choice of shirts...not intentional, I assure you.
 The table was complete with a little turkey!

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