Friday, September 13, 2013

Remodel Project Update....

Sorry I've been absent from the blog for a few days...we've been so busy!
First up, the floors all came up.  John took all that laminate to the county dump last weekend. And since we were having to do it anyway, we decided to go ahead and do the living room and sitting room, since we had planned on doing that anyway someday.  Looks like someday is here!
So this week, we started by moving everything out of the living room and painted the ceilings. They really needed freshening up.
Then we started on the walls, and the trim around the doorways and the crown molding which will all be white.
Next we painted the walls (the bead board) "Antique White".  It was fairly close to the color we already had in there, but a bit creamier then the other color.  Next came the fireplace.
I went with a bold color this time. Aren't I daring! ha!  I'm not sure about it right now. Sometimes and I like it, and sometimes I'm wondering what I was thinking.  The color is called "Royal Liquor", and it's a cross between brown and maroon.  We'll's an easy thing to change if I get sick of it.
Then on Wednesday, John put up new white blinds in the living room while I was in town visiting mom, and he put the television back up (must have TV!)  We started moving everything out of the sitting room and got it ready for painting on Thursday.
Same colors in there -- same sequence: ceilings, walls and then trim.  It took us all day.  Exhausted! I'm thinking of putting the bookcase and chairs in there, along with the love seat, and making this a reading room/library area.

Today we worked on the hallway and the stairs.  John rolled the ceiling then started working on removing the old laminate from the stairs.  Oh my! It was glued on with liquid nails way back when, so getting it up was a chore! He had to run to town and buy a new tool to help get it up, but once he got back he made short work of it. Meanwhile, I spent the day finishing the ceiling, and painting the walls in the hallway.  Mostly "Antique White", but one wall is a contrasting color, "Stone Wall".  It's a soft green, sort of sagey olivey. It's not a good picture, but maybe you can get an idea of the color.

The house is a real mess, we have stuff stacked everywhere.  The flooring that we ordered is being delivered on Monday, so we can begin to put things back together a bit after its down.

More tomorrow.  I'm painting trim in the hallway and then the walls in the stairwell.  I'll have to have help there, there's a very tall ceiling in there and I'm absolutely no good on a tall ladder.  Shudder!

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