Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mimi's Summer Day Camp -- Day Thirteen, Transportation Week

This week we're talking about cars, trucks, trains, and anything that you can ride in to get from place to place.  We started by making a car!
 KT painted the wheels for her car (they were tin can lids) black.
 Then we created the car from a cardboard box, complete with windshield.  It got sprayed with brown paint and then we had to let that dry for a few hours.  So, off to the library!
 KT loves the black horse at the library.  We got all kinds of books about cars and other modes of transportation.

Then we played races in the hallway with some matchbox cars, and a dump truck and a bulldozer.
 It's fun to dig in the dirt!
Then there was a little time for water play!
 On the way home, Grumpy took us for some frozen yogurt.... Yum!
Good to the last slurp! (Thanks to Em for the descriptive work "slurp!")

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