Monday, August 19, 2013

Grandbaby #2!!!

I think I've been given the go-ahead to spread the good, exciting, happy news that John and I will be Mimi and Grumpy again to a second grandbaby!!

Jeff and Colleen and KT are expecting their new addition in late January or early February. Wouldn't it be funny if this baby comes on KT's birthday of January 29th (or maybe not so funny)? Ha!  Anyway, John and I are beside ourselves with happiness and excitement to meet this newest member of our family.  I'll keep you posted!

I stole this photo from Colleen so you could see how we were given the good news....not that I paid a bit of attention to what it said on KT's shirt that day.  I'm totally oblivious most of the time.  Colleen had to actually tell me to read her shirt.  Du-oh.....
But it was a pretty cute way to break the news, wasn't it?!!

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