Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall Garden update.....

The little seedlings have been moved out to the hoop house.  John had to replace the sides with clear panels this week - the plastic that we had used did not hold up well to the summer sun.  I actually like this clear stuff better, although these panels that are sun resistant are pretty expensive. But hopefully they will hold up much better.
 I'll be thinning these today!
 Meanwhile, I planted those garlic corms that I gathered from the spring garlics.  This will be a two year investment, from what I read these take a couple of years to develop.  We'll see.
 In they go, I put another layer of dirt of them and watered them in good.
I use a pair of scissors to cut out the extra seedlings in each of the flats.  That way I don't disturb the little roots of the one that I want to keep in eacch cell.

Meanwhile, we're still busy cleaning out the beds and the back garden.  We've been blessed by some mild days this week, so working out these is not so hot.  The 100 degree days are due to come back today, though, so things will slow down again.  We didn't get any real rain these past couple of days, somehow all the rain that was around the area missed us completely.  So disheartening. :-[

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