Sunday, July 21, 2013

Two little Wrens....

Addie Wren
We were visited by two little Wrens on Saturday evening!  I wasn't sure how Ella was going to take it with KT not being here, but she seemed to take it in stride and just took control of the two Grandpas.

It was hilarious....come here, go there, take me here, let's look at this, ride on the Donkey, pick eggs, check out the horses...she was on a ROLL...with two Grandpas just trailing behind her.

Meanwhile, Grandma Hoyt and I got to concentrate on little Addie.  She's growing so fast.  Her newest trick is crawling! And she can pick herself up and hang on to the furniture standing up.  She still loves the walker and spent a bit of time rolling around the pavilion.  
Ella Wren
Who's that peeking in the window?

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