Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our busy project...

We finally got around to painting our office upstairs.  Does everyone have one room that just seems to collect this and that until the room is almost unusable?  We had just shoved stuff in there for so long, it was a catch all and we just never went in there.  It was time to correct that problem. I donated about 100 old paperback books to the library and I have a large pile of old VHS tapes I'm taking to them this week for their First Saturday book sale.  John took two trips to Goodwill and a very large pile to the County Dump.  That felt so good...just to de-clutter.  I tend to hang on to too much stuff, so if I wasn't using it - it was out of here!
 Now the room is "Truly Olive" with white trim and we put up new white blinds to match the rest of the upstairs rooms. So much better.
We have some company coming, so for now we're leaving a sleeper sofa in there, but will move the desk and printer, etc. in after they've gone.
Lots of work, but so worth it!
Now...time to paint the downstairs bathroom.....

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